Is your partner cheating on you?

Is your partner cheating on you?

Sometimes this could happen to any couple that spends a happy married life. Suddenly you find that there is some change to the habits of your spouse. You see those small signals, he/she start coming home late, blames work. The magic in bed are gone. Also, maybe now your partner prefers to go out on walks all alone and likes to spend more time with the computer. It is time for you to look for the signs of a third person getting involved in your relationship.

So from my experience the most common signs are. Suddenly the phone is password protected. If it haven´t been it before this is one of the best sign for sure. Think about it, why would your partner all of the sudden password protect his phone? Another classic sign is late night outs with the guys/girls. This is also a classic behavior that should tell you that something could be wrong, especially if you used to go out together. If he/she suddenly starts take a greater interest in how he/she is dressed, this could also be a small sign. This is a sure sign that he is up to some mischief.

CheatingOf course the signs could be “just in your mind” but sometimes your worst fear come true. I had a boyfriend once that started spending hours in front of the computer. At first I didn´t think there was much to it but then I asked him. He said he was playing games. One day when I walked in I saw his MSN chat, and there where tons of girls. This lead us to a big talk and in the end I couldn´t trust him and we left each other.

You will even notice that your spouse is spending lavishly on his or her dresses and shoes. You could understand why he or she became so free on spending for beautiful dresses. A secret love is there somewhere. You could have your fears that your marriage is going to break for no fault of yours.

With all these suspicions you cannot afford to ask your spouse openly. In case you ask, he or she will get angry and deny it. This also is a strong sign that there is something that he or she wants to hide from you.  The best thing still is to try and talk. But make it from your point of you. I feel, I think and so on. Never say you are, you always etc. It´s to easy to just say, your wrong, I don´t do that at all.

Communication is the key, even though it could be hard.

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